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List to eBay quickly and efficiently with our eBay lister and manager. Incredible tools like our one of a kind sync and CSV importing. Create beautiful eBay templates too!

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  • Create beautiful eBay listings

    Creating an eBay listing is simple and fast and allows you to utilize your own custom template or our custom template builder.

  • Facebook showcase

    Highwire automatically builds you a Facebook storefront with all of your eBay items for sale. Now that is promoting made easy.

  • Product revision syncs

    Edit everything directly from your Highwire Catalog and Highwire will automatically sync your update(s) to your eBay listing(s). It's the easiest way to edit and sync to eBay on the planet.

  • Duplicate listing block

    Keep in compliance with eBay. Highwire lets you know when you have duplicate items. Highwire only allows a single listed item per unique catalog item, solving your duplicate listing issues.

  • Multi-channel support

    Want to advance to more channels? Highwire has that built in too! Start with eBay and upgrade at anytime.

  • Inventory management

    Manage inventory with ease. Qty and item updates automatically sync to your eBay listing(s).

  • CSV importing

    No hassle csv importing and uploading. Import your items and manage all of your revisions using a csv file (ie. excel). Revisions automatically sync to your eBay listings!

  • Order & customer management

    Keep track of your eBay orders through Highwire and send customizable auto emails to your buyers keeping them imformed throughout the process.

The simplest & easiest way to list on eBay...

Build perfect listings in our unique eBay listing interface. Create variations and multi-sku items too. Nobody has a lister this simple and easy to use.

Finally, an affordable inventory solution that works

Our inventory system was built from the ground up. It will automatically sync your quantities for you so you can rest easy. It will even end eBay items that are out of stock and/or delete variants that are out of stock. This works when using our multi-channel solution as well.

Promote your items on Facebook

Highwire automatically builds you a free Facebook storefront. It's worth the price of admission itself (oh wait, we are free).

Sync so flawless, you’ll believe it’s magic!

One of the greatest inventions ever created. Revise it in Highwire and it syncs everywhere. Try it once and you will be hooked. It's actually fun.

Batch import and edit with CSV

Highwire offers CSV import/exporting of items - including product revisions and syncs. It's the most advanced solution on the market today for CSV. Our CSV import/export option also allows you to manage your product syncs.

Export your CSV file, make edits, then import again and Highwire will automatically update all of your attached listings (live, unsold, sold, etc.)

Manage all of your orders and customers from a single location!

Highwire allows you to manage your eBay orders, update shipping, tracking, and more. It syncs your info to eBay so your buyers are always in the loop. It also allows you to use Highwire's customizable auto email solutions to keep your buyers informed.

Prevent costly and penalizing duplicate listings

Highwire will automagically warn you if you are about to create and submit a duplicate listing. Always staying in compliance is as easy as pie with Highwire.

  • Shipping labels

    Print labels effortlessly. Highwire and eBay orders integrate directly with Shipstation. They are a partner of ours and will import all of your eBay and Highwire items into their system for quick and easy label printing. You can save money too.

  • Free eBay scheduling

    Why pay eBay for scheduling at a later date? Use our scheduler for free and save a boatload, but don't let just this little feature be the reason you signup. We are packed full.

  • Auto-relist rules

    Relist to eBay based on rules that you specify. Yes, this is completely free to use also. How the heck do we do all of this stuff for free?

  • Free image hosting

    Host all of your product images with Highwire. Each product listing can contain up to 24 images and uploading is as simple as drag-and-drop.

Step up and go multi-channel.

One of the most incredible features of all about Highwire, start on eBay and then add channels as you need, including your own Storefront at


With limited web development experience, we launched our first store with highwire. The platform made it easy to get started and over two years later it still provides us the functionality and features to grow. Highwire continues to improve, innovate, and provide excellent support.

Ryan Preisner -

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